6.08“Voice of the Star" –Maggie's Stories accompanied the debut briefing section

Posted on 08/06/2019

Physically and visually handicapped student - Tang Pui Ki Maggie, who receives the award of the project –“Dream Flying”- Teenager Positive Life Funding Scheme organized by the Po Leung Kuk. She is devoted and use her beautiful voice with a series of touching stories to spread the positive life value to our community.

With her endeavour for a whole year, Maggie has cheerfully and profoundly achieved her dream. Her debut story collection “Voice of the Star” will be shared in this press conference.

Mr. Tinson Lung, a famous voice dubber, will share his experience in transferring knowledge and skill to Maggie.

Event Detail


8th June, 2019 (Saturaday)


10:30am - 11:45am


Jockey Club Convention Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters

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31st May, 2019 (First come, first serve)


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