F2F Monthly Giving Alliance

Hong Kong Red Cross has set up a team of Regular Donor’s Recruitment Ambassadors in May 2006. They visit different parts of the Hong Kong and invite the public to register as our monthly donors on site. Their continuous donation enables us to better plan for long-term development and provide stable services to the people in need.

In Feb 2012, HKRC formed the Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance with 18 charitable organizations, hoping to strengthen the accountability and standard of current face-to-face monthly donor’s recruitment by launching the Code of Practice and self-regulation, and provide sufficient information for public to choose their desired charities. We promise:

  • To provide information of monthly donor’s recruitment activities to public through different channels
  • To ensure no public disturbance is created
  • To ensure our regular donor’s recruitment ambassadors comply with the Code

For details please visit the Alliance's webpage.

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