Activities Reviews
Thumbnail Donor visits to the Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service Center
Donors learnt more about various Gerontech facilities and explored the secrets of “ageing at home” under the guidance of Occupational Therapists and Care Equipment Counsellors
Thumbnail Focus Group of “Hong Kong Resilience Framework” Development
Our staffs and donors joined together and shared their experiences and observations regarding disaster preparedness measures in their respective communities
Thumbnail Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Online Sharing
Having returned from Ankara, three HKRC staff members provided the latest updates from the disaster area.
Thumbnail Hong Kong Red Cross Services Sharing 2022
HKRC representatives shared our diversified humanitarian services in the past year.
Thumbnail Talk on “Policy Donation and Legacy Giving”
The captioned talk was hosted to enhance public's understanding on Policy Donation and Legacy Giving.
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