Activities Reviews
Thumbnail Lunar New Year Elderly Visit 2018
"Friends of Red Cross” donors and corporate volunteers paid the home visit at the senior houses in Un Chau Estate to over 100 elders on Jan 21. By involving personally in our humanitarian services, we hopes our donors will recognize how meaningful their donation and support to us are.
Thumbnail  "Parenting Humanity Experience Camp" 2017
More than 70 "Friends of Red Cross", "Red Twinkle Star" and family’s member joined the "Parenting Humanity Experience Camp” on 17 December 2017. We hope our participants will have more idea about the humanitarian spirit and the importance of preparedness. At the same time, they could know more about the "Local Disaster Relief & Preparedness Service” of Hong Kong Red Cross after the event.
Thumbnail Humanitarian Caring Visit 2017
Our "Friends of Red Cross” and their relatives joined "Humanitarian Caring Visit 2017” on 18 November and paid home visits to 100 households of the elderly who are singletons or couples at Cho Yiu Chuen. 
Thumbnail Hong Kong Red Cross Donor Award Ceremony 2017
Connect and Develop the Humanitarian Platform Together The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) held its annual Donor Award Ceremony today in recognition of the generosity and support from different corporations, organizations and donors. In the year 2016/17, we received nearly HK$100 million donations from the general public which enables us to provide timely humanitarian services during crises and emergencies, to conduct on-going post-disaster recovery and disaster preparedness, to provide humanitarian services in a stable manner, and to carry out educational programmes to engage more people to participate in humanitarian work.
Thumbnail Warzone 90
"Friends of Red Cross” joined "Warzone 90” of the Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre on 24 June. A 90-minute war-themed explorative tour let our donors experience the life in ruthless battlefield where they encountered different situations and made trade off. Participants feel despair and helpless but at the same time, it gave them hope. We hope the activity enables our donors to understand that war is not far-reaching, everyone can do something for people in need and take humanitarian actions to address the challenges. About Humanitarian Education Centre
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