Hong Kong Red Cross Donor Award Ceremony 2018

Posted on 20/10/2018

Commend Selfless Devotion Advocate Humanitarian Values



The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) held its annual Donor Award Ceremony in recognition of the generosity and support from different corporations, organizations and donors. In the year 2017/18, we received over HK$100 million donations from the general public which enables us to develop and sustain humanitarian services, ranging from offering immediate aids to cope with local and international needs, to preventive and responsive measures in strengthening and raising public awareness on disaster and emergency knowledge, preparedness and handling.

In the Ceremony, Mrs. Ivy Wu, JP, Chairman of the HKRC expressed her grateful appreciation to the public, all donors, corporations, organizations and the government for their continuous support to sustain our humanitarian works. Ms. Bonnie So, Secretary General of the HKRC not only presented the use of donations, but also shared the future development of the HKRC humanitarian works to donors, to let them understand how the HKRC transforms their donations into humanity power to help the people in need timely and appropriately so as to meet future social development. Colleague from the local emergency service of the HKRC then shared the development of local disaster preparedness and relief works with some cases in the ceremony. After the ceremony, donors were invited to visit the HKRC Headquarters to know more our variety of humanitarian services and facilities, including health talk with topic "First-aid Trivia”, disaster preparedness exhibition, introduction of volunteer services, introduction of apheresis donation, visit Humanitarian Education Centre, etc.

In the ceremony, 218 organizations and donors were granted different awards from 11 categories, including "Annual Big Donors Award: Diamond / Gold / Red”, "Annual Regular Big Donors Award: Gold / Red”, "Loyal Regular Donors Award: Diamond – 10-year continual donation / Gold – 5-year continual donation / Red – 3-year continual donation” and "Long Term Award: Diamond – donations for 120 times / Gold – donations for 60 times / Red – donations for 36 times”.

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