Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Online Sharing

Posted on 24/02/2023

An earthquake in the early morning of 6 February brought colossal loss and damage to Türkiye and Syria. Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has deployed three staff members to Türkiye. They arrived Ankara on 13 February and have been closely communicating with local relief teams to formulate a humanitarian support plan.


To introduce more about our work in Türkiye and Syria, including the updates and plan of humanitarian work on the ground, HKRC had hosted the "Türkiye -Syria Earthquake Online Sharing" on 24 February, providing latest updates from the disaster area and on the needs of local communities.

The online sharing session was hosted by Mr. Yeung Ting Pong, Manager (Humanitarian Education), and joined by three members of staff who just returned from Ankara, namely:
Ms. Eleanor Lam, Director (Service), HKRC; 
Ms. Elaine Fong, Acting Senior Programme Coordinator (Emergency Health), HKRC; 
Mr. Josh Fu, Assistant Corporate Communications Manager, HKRC
Our three guests first introduced the local disaster assessment and relief efforts joinly coordinated by the Turkish Red Crescent Society, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society and the International Red Cross Society. They also conveyed the needs of local communities in the affected area. Ms. Eleanor Lam, Director (Service), also shared about some of the stories and people the group had encountered during the visit. She pointed out that although the situation in the disaster area was dire, the rescuers, volunteers and affected locals remained hopeful of the future, despite the challenges ahead. During the Q&A session, the participants were actively engaged in the discussion via ZOOM. Our guests also expressed gratitude towards the public for their support during such difficult time.


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