WARZONE90 (7th April)

Posted on 07/04/2019

"WARZONE 90” activity and field trip in warzone’s sharing


"Friends of Red Cross” and friends joined " WARZONE 90” of the Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre cum field trip in warzone’s sharing on 7th April. A 90-minute war-themed explorative tour let our donors experience the life in ruthless battlefield where they encountered different situations, and had to make decision to trade off. Participants could experience despair and helpless of at times, as well as seeing the glimpse of hope.


Following the exploration activity, donors also attended and field trip in warzone’s sharing. Humanitarian course trainees gave sharing of their first-hand experience of a field trip in a warzone, through it we provide donors with better understanding of the services of International Committee of the Red Cross and Hong Kong Red Cross. Together, they witnessed the importance and impact of humanitarian works with us.


We hope the activity enables our donors to understand that war is not far-reaching, everyone can do something for people in need and take humanitarian actions to address the challenges.


For more information about Humanitarian Education Centre, please visit Humanitarian Education Centre


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