Focus Group of “Hong Kong Resilience Framework” Development

Posted on 06/05/2023

Since its establishment in 1950, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) is dedicated to reducing vulnerability and strengthening resilience while focusing on current urban risks. To ensure our services can constantly adopt to new emergent social needs across different communities, HKRC’s third Corporate Strategic Plan will be implemented from April 2023 to March 2028, with the aim to enable the community becoming safe, healthy and cohesive in the context of emergencies and crises.


Being one of HKRC’s major stakeholders, our donors have always been great patrons to the humanitarian cause and had brought forth hope and warmth to the needy. To that, a series of focus groups was held in May, during which donors were invited to exchange thoughts regarding “Hong Kong Resilience Framework” Development and share stories from their respective communities.

2023-2028 Corporate Strategic Plan Overview The focus group session began with HKRC representatives introducing the Third HKRC Corporate Strategic Plan (2023 – 2028) Participants were then invited to share their experiences living in their neighborhood and other community stories. Those with experiences living abroad also highlighted the distinct community cultures in other countries as contrast to Hong Kong. The participants showed interest in the topic of “Hong Kong Resilience Framework Development” and were actively engaged in the discussion.


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