Wellness tips to cope with stress

Posted on 08/09/2020

Has it ever crossed your mind that on top of maintaining a healthy body, it is also critical to maintaining emotional health to get through the disease outbreak?

Here are some tips for taking care of yourself as well as coping adaptively:

  • Maintain your daily routine as much as possible: you can continue to engage in leisurely or meaningful activities even at home, like talking to or spending time with family and pets, reading books, cooking, and doing relaxation exercises;
  • Take time to acknowledge your own, normal feelings of fear and helplessness;
  • Look for or inject humor into the situation: humor can be a strong antidote to hopelessness. Even smiling and laughing inwardly can provide relief from anxiety and frustration;
  • Maintain contact with your own social network, communicate with visual and/or phone call, WhatsApp, etc. even if you cannot meet face-to-face.


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