Friends of Red Cross

Since 2003, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) encourages the public to join the "Monthly Donation Program". Stable donation income makes our humanitarian works sustainable and we can further develop our services effectively, meanwhile, execute our mission "Protect Human Life, Care for the Health of the Vulnerable and Respect Human Dignity".

Intending to bring together a group of ambitious people, apart from regular donations, to share their care and love to people in need while promoting humanity to people around, "Friends of Red Cross” is found in July 2009.

Currently, we have over 40,000 members in our "Friends of Red Cross” family.
We are looking forward to your participation! 
Please join the "Hong Kong Red Cross Monthly Donation Program", you will then become our "Friends of Red Cross". Your contribution is significantly important to our humanity works.
Humanitarian Services of the HKRC include:


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