Donor Activities
Thumbnail Wellness tips to cope with stress
Has it ever crossed your mind that on top of maintaining a healthy body, it is also critical to maintaining emotional health to get through the disease outbreak? Here are some tips for taking care of yourself as well as coping adaptively
Thumbnail 70th Anniversary of Hong Kong Red Cross
Build.Humanity.Together Walking Side by Side with Hong Kong People for 70 Years | Responding to Society Needs in Different Times | Striving to Care for the Vulnerable
Thumbnail 6.9 Health Talk – Rheumatism = Joint Pain?
Health & Care Service Department organizes free health talks for the general public on regular basis to promote health messages and knowledges. The topic of the coming talk is “ Rheumatism = Joint Pain? ”
Thumbnail "Humanitarian Caring Visit" Elderly Visit (27th July 2019)
Hong Kong Red Cross will organize "Humanitarian Caring Visit” to deliver blessings to the elderly, while most importantly, to enhance their awareness towards home safety and dealing with hot weather.
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