12.15 "Parent-child Humanity Experience Camp 2019"

Posted on 31/12/2019

The theme of  “Parent-child Humanity Experience Camp 2019” this year is <People in Parallel> , which is about the climate change. A group of donors and friends are experienced the simulated threat of climate change in different parts of the world which is prepared by our staff and volunteers from Humanitarian Education Center.


Through the activity, we hope that the participants not only knew about the seriousness of climate change, but also draw their attention to the impact of climate change on people around the world. Heatwave, sea level rise, floods, wind damage, drought have increasingly severed impacts on people in developing countries and backward regions who are often unable to cope with disasters and threatening their lives. Therefore, we must face up to the humanitarian challenges posed by climate change, mitigate or even avoid negative effects on vulnerable groups.

The Hong Kong Red Cross has also been working on climate change in Hong Kong. For example, we have organized public education activities on disaster preparedness and prevention, arranged regular visit to disasters vulnerable, and provided disaster preparedness and emergency services to the affected areas etc.


Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre

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