"Parent-child Humanity Experience Camp 2018: People in war – Crisis in future" (16th December)

Posted on 21/12/2018

Close to 90 donors and family members joined the "Parent-childHumanity Experience Camp 2018: People in war – Crisis in future” on 16th December 2018 (Sunday). We aims to cultivate more people concern about nuclear weapon and autonomous weapon systems through the activity.

We brought our participants to the future with the simulated nuclear disaster scenario. They have experienced the situation of fleeing to an isolated island which managed by artificial intelligence. They were also being under the threat of nuclear fallout, food and water shortages and the uncontrollable artificial intelligence. Let the participants to understand more humanitarian consequence by technological advances through different situations, and base on humanitarian concept to reflect and take action.

Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre

To cultivate people’s initiative to heed humanitarian issues, embrace humanitarian values, volunteer in different humanitarian aids through our humanitarian platform, and realize humanity in daily life through our high quality humanitarian education programmes.


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