International Day for Disaster Reduction 2018 - Disaster Preparedness Carnival

Posted on 26/10/2018

As our humanity partner, we would like to share the feedback from participants in Disaster Preparedness Carnival on October 13, 2018 (Sunday). We hope to let you know your contribution to the public, and also provide more information about disaster preparedness. Thus, we can help ourselves and others people in need in critical situations.

Step 1 : Be vigilant, know the risks and get prepared

Always be prepared for disasters! You should know the risks to help you get better prepared, and pay attention to the change in weather and nearby situation. Whenever you are, you shall purchase insurance to minimize losses against emergencies.

"After joining the fire drill, I know that pay attention to the change in weather and nearby situation in very important.”- Mrs. Yeung

Step 2 : Make an emergency plan

Every household needs an emergency plan. It will help you and your family to know what to do in case of an emergency. Identify safe places where everyone should meet if emergency occur.

"Prepare a survival kit before an emergency for a family is important. However, an emergency plan is also needed for every household to make sure all family members would identify the safe places to meet if emergency occurs.” - Mrs. Fung

Step 3 : Get a survival kit

Before an emergency, the required supplies should be placed in a survival kit in advance and placed in an easily accessible location where every family member knows.

"After participating the Carnival, I know what required supplies should be placed in a survival kit. For example, including biscuit in the survival kit is better than apple as apple is perishable.” - Mr. Wong and Ah Ma

Your sustaining donation enable us to plan ahead for providing different kind of education activities and services, which would promote knowledge and raise the awareness on disaster preparedness to the public for strengthening community resilience.


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