"Humanitarian Caring Visit 2019" Elderly Visit (27th July)

Posted on 27/07/2019

Close to 50 "Friends of Red Cross” and corporate volunteers together with their families and friends participated in "Humanitarian Caring Visit "on 27th July (Saturday) to disseminate heatstroke prevention and home safety message and to deliver their care to the elderly living in Sham Sui Po district like So Uk Estate and Lei Cheng Uk Estate.

We have visited several singleton elderly, two-person elderly-only and elderly with carer households on that morning. We brought love and care to the elderly together with a gift pack for disaster preparedness and dealing with hot weather. In addition, we shared the preparedness messages and assessed their ability to prepare hot weather and prevent fire.

Local Disaster Relief and Disaster Preparedness
Staff and volunteers of Hong Kong Red Cross will deliver relief materials during the period of disasters such as fire, floods, landslide, etc., psychological support service will be also offered to assist people in need. Also, we constantly are working to promote and raise public awareness on disaster preparedness locally. Knowledge of common disasters in Hong Kong and preventive methods are delivered through various programs. With strengthened awareness and capacity in different communities, loss in human lives and properties could be reduced.


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