Hong Kong Red Cross Donor Award Ceremony 2017

Posted on 31/10/2017

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The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) held its annual Donor Award Ceremony today in recognition of the generosity and support from different corporations, organizations and donors. In the year 2016/17, we received nearly HK$100 million donations from the general public which enables us to provide timely humanitarian services during crises and emergencies, to conduct on-going post-disaster recovery and disaster preparedness, to provide humanitarian services in a stable manner, and to carry out educational programmes to engage more people to participate in humanitarian work.

Addressing the opening of the ceremony to guests and participants, Mrs. Ivy Wu, JP, Chairman of the HKRC, said, "The HKRC dedicates to provide various humanitarian services to the needy from blood transfusion service, disaster relief and preparedness, volunteer programmes to first aid, community care and special education and rehabilitation services. On behalf of the HKRC, I would like to express my grateful appreciation to the public, all donors, corporations, organizations and the government for your continuous support to sustain our humanitarian works to better serve our community.”

Ms. Bonnie So, Secretary General of the HKRC, further explained the use of donations and introduced the 5-year strategic plan of the organization. "A corporate strategic goal is set that we hope to lead and mobilize the general public to act and voice out for humanity. We will utilize our experience to serve the needy timely with appropriate assistance.”

Mr. Szeto Kin-tat, Humanitarian Education Centre Manager of the HKRC and  Ms. Eliza Cheung, Clinical Psychologist of the HKRC who was just returned from a humanitarian mission in Bangladesh, shared the development of humanitarian education and psychological support service in the coming years. In addition, donors were invited to tour around the HKRC Headquarters and thus to understand more about our facilities for conducting a variety of humanitarian services.

In the ceremony, 174 organizations and donors were granted different awards from 12 categories, including "Annual Big Donors Award: Red”, "Annual Regular Big Donors Award: Diamond / Red”, "Loyal Regular Donors Award: Diamond – 10-year continual donation / Gold – 5-year continual donation / Red – 3-year continual donation”, "Long Term Award: Diamond – donations for 120 times / Gold – donations for 60 times / Red – donations for 36 times”, "Donation-In-Kind Award: Gold / Red” and "Media Support Award: Diamond”.

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