“Friends of Red Cross” Gathering

Posted on 27/05/2018


"Friends of Red Cross" and their relatives visited Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters on 27th May, they gained a better understanding about our service and spent a meaningful afternoon together with us.


The gathering included introduction of the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters and humanitarian services, Exhibition of common disasters in Hong Kong and knowledge about disaster preparedness, Virtual Reality of Fire Safety at Home and visit Humanitarian Education Centre -"Light the DarknessExhibition Zone. Through these session, participants have leant the knowledge of disaster preparedness and basic concept of humanitarianism, meanwhile to understand our preparedness and education works in the community.


"Friend of Red Cross" have also joined the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Donation Cup 2018, donate their blood in our West Kowloon Donor Centre located at headquarters 6/F to live out humanity.


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