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“Big thank you to Claire, who patiently listened to my troubles and worries. She provided professional advice and specific ways to help me cope with my emotions.” – Little Mango


Under the pandemic, Little Mango (alias) who resided in mainland China for work, had to return to Hong Kong to live with her family. As the saying goes, "it is easy to get along but it is difficult to live together”.  The family may have different living habits which can lead to conflicts. Little Mango, who had previously been diagnosed with anxiety, felt increased worry and extreme tension due to the compounded effects of living in close quarters with her family and the uncertainty of the disease outbreak.


Luckily, she received a message from a friend about the psychological support service "Shall We Talk", provided by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC). She immediately registered for an appointment. After the psychological support team received Little Mango’s request for help, team member Claire contacted Little Mango for a telephone consultation the next day. Claire tried to understand Little Mango’s psychological state and suggested her to list out all her worrying things in a "List of Worries" every day on paper.


In the beginning, Little Mango’s list of worries filled a full page. Slowly, she noticed that many of her worries were the same, repeating day after day. She began to realize that her worries were less than she had imagined and some of the things bothering her were beyond her control. Claire listened carefully to the problems faced by Little Mango. She provided Little Mango with effective ways to cope with stress and tips to get along with her family. After four support sessions, Little Mango’s emotional well-being and relationship with her family were greatly improved.


Mental and physical health are closely linked to one another, and both are critical in light of a severe disease outbreak. Therefore, during the pandemic, the HKRC not only provides "Shall We Talk" one-on-one psychological support service and also shares psychological education information on social media to remind people to pay attention to their emotional well-being as well as that of others.


With your support, we can continue to expand our psychological support service, including psychological first aid for disasters and emergencies, psychological education, outreach support etc., and let more people in need can get immediate psychological assistance. Please join the monthly donation program and become "Friends of the Red Cross", or click here to increase your current monthly donation.



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