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An elderly aged over 90 was almost drowned when a 2-meter height of water flooded into a shop on the ground floor at Barra, Macau. He strived to survive and was luckily rescued at last. However, his feeling of fear lingered every time when he thought of the scene. Fortunately, with timely psychological support service from Red Cross volunteers, his anxiety gradually subsided. In addition, our volunteers also taught his children ways in comforting him.

Apart from protecting human life which is always the core in times of emergency relief, Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) also pays special attention to the psychological well-being of the affected ones as well as those around them, working towards the provision of comprehensive humanitarian aids and support.

With your support, we can do more on disaster response and preparedness skills in the community, provide training for more to be "psychological first aiders", in short to strengthen the resilience of disaster-prone community and districts. Again with you, we can provide prompt responses and mobilize the best to aid in the causes.

Please join our monthly donation program and become "Friends of Red Cross” or increase your current monthly donation. With you, we can provide the needy with the most needed humanitarian aids and to reduce their suffering in times of disasters.


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