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Tsan-ho was born with cerebral palsy and has admitted to the Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre (JFKC) since he was five. Cheung Sir, who has been providing therapeutic support to Tsan-ho, has witnessed his growth and improvement throughout the years. Cheung Sir has put a lot of effort in providing a suitable environment with practical assistance to special-need students even in his leisure time.

Some years ago, it came to Cheung Sir's knowledge that "eye-tracking mouse” technology had started to develop in some countries in accommodating communication skills for patients suffering from muscular problems. He was keen to explore the feasibility of applying such technology to enhance his students’ learning. He even took the liberty to visit the only user in Hong Kong at that time to understand the operation of the system. With much effort, he was finally connected to the sole overseas supplier. Blessed with financial support, the system of "eye-tracking mouse” was first adopted in JFKC. The device facilitates the learning of special-need students in the spheres of communication, broaden their horizon while building up their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Your trust and support have enabled our special school teachers, like Cheung Sir, to make impactful changes in helping special-need students like Tsan-ho.

When Cheung Sir meeting Tsan-ho with his "eye-tracking mouse”……

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