Special Education – Hospital schools teachers accompany sick children on life journey

“Test me, test me!” A student requested after class. He is not the ordinary elite student nor the popular monitor in your mind, but an ill child with muscular dystrophy on a hospital bed.

During her 25-year teaching career in Hong Kong Red Cross hospital schools, Ms Mo Chung Har has supported numerous hospitalized children on their end-of-life journeys. When she mentioned that child, she was still moved by his keenness. “Although his academic result is average, he persists to learn. Through the process, he understands the value of his existence, embracing life and dignity.”

The story of Ms Mo and this child with muscular dystrophy is just the tip of the iceberg, there are more students in Hong Kong unable to participate in ordinary education because of physical disability. With the Red Cross Principle of Humanity and our belief in respect for life, we care for students with physical handicaps and sickness, and intend to provide them with holistic education. Thanks to donors’ support, we could continue providing special education to them. The Hong Kong Red Cross Hospital Schools aim to help hospitalized students by providing education in classrooms, inside the wards or by bedside. While they continue to study in the hospitals, they shall encounter less difficulty in resuming school upon discharge. Other than school units attached to 18 public hospitals throughout Hong Kong, we also set up 3 schools for students with physical disabilities and 1 hostel for mentally handicapped people. We provide special education, bringing more teachers like Ms Mo to influence and impact life. 

We wish to sustain the support for hospitalized children in need, allowing them to continue study despite difficulty. Please join hand with us, invite your family and friends to participate in the “Friends of Red Cross” monthly donation programme, together we can sustain special education and walk through life journey with sick children.


Ms Mo, same as other teachers in the Hong Kong Red Cross hospital schools, accompanies sick children with perseverance and kindness as in the school motto


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