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"Accidents always catch us off guard.” Feeling helpless, those involved in accidents are in dire need of help. Under these critical circumstances, knowledge can be so powerful and a helping hand may save many precious lives.

Like Jessica, Mrs. Cheng and Cheuk Yi, her eight-year-old daughter. They suffered an accident stroke all of a sudden. Mrs. Cheng and her daughter were thrown forward and crashed onto the railing in the front, and Mrs. Cheng was bleeding heavily out of her forehead. Jessica, a former member of the Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit has been well equipped with basic first aid knowledge, was the first one to offer help to Mrs. Cheng and her daughter. Jessica provided initial treatment for Mrs. Cheng’s wound, then tried to keep Cheuk Yi calm, which is the real answer to reflect the spirit of humanity – "protect human life” and "care for the health of the vulnerable”.


The Hong Kong Red Cross has been offering first aid training for more than four decades. It started off with Industrial First Aid Training, and now provides certified courses at the international standard for all walks of life, advocating for "First Aid for All”.


Please join our monthly donation program and become "Friends of Red Cross” or increase your current monthly donation to let us uphold the principle of "First Aid for All” and promote related knowledge to every part of the community, encouraging more to show the power of "protecting human life” for the needy when there is an emergency.

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What will you do if someone suffered from choking?

If you encounter a conscious, choking individual that is coughing, encourage continued coughing. If the victim is unable to cough, speak, or breathe, complete the following:

  • Send someone to call 999
  • Lean person forward and give 5 back blows with the heel of your hand
  • Give 5 quick abdominal thrusts by placing the thumb-side of your fist against the middle of the victim's abdomen, just above the navel. Grab your fist with the other hand
  • Repeat until the object the person is choking on is forced out and the person breathes or coughs on his or her own

Click Here to watch the demonstration video


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