Activities Reviews
Thumbnail “Friends of Red Cross” Gathering (23rd June)
"Friends of Red Cross" and their relatives visited Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) Headquarters on 23rd June, they exchanged ideas with representatives of several service departments and gained a better understanding of HKRC.
Thumbnail WARZONE90 (7th April)
"Friends of Red Cross” and friends joined "WARZONE 90” of the Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre cum field trip in warzone’s sharing on 7th April.
Thumbnail "Parent-child Humanity Experience Camp 2018: People in war – Crisis in future" (16th December)
Close to 90 donors and family members joined the "Parent-childHumanity Experience Camp: People in war – Crisis in future” on 16th December 2018 (Sunday). We aims to cultivate more people concern about nuclear weapon and autonomous weapon systems through the activity.
Thumbnail "Humanitarian Caring Visit" Elderly Visit (1st Dec)
More than 30 "Friends of Red Cross”together with their families and friends participated in "Humanitarian Caring Visit "on 1st Dec to deliver their care and warm to the elderly living at Shun On Estate and Shun Tin Estate in Kwun Tong.
Thumbnail Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service Visit (Nov 2018)
On 24th November, "Friends of Red Cross” and their relatives visited the Blood Transfusion Service Centre at King's Park Rise.
Thumbnail International Day for Disaster Reduction 2018 - Disaster Preparedness Carnival
As our humanity partner, we would like to share the feedback from participants in Disaster Preparedness Carnival on October 13, 2018 (Sunday). We hope to let you know your contribution to the public, and also provide more information about disaster preparedness. Thus, we can help ourselves and others people in need in critical situations.
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