Activities Reviews
Thumbnail “Legacy Planning and Giving” Sharing
To enhance the public understanding of legacy planning and giving in Hong Kong, HKRC and organized the “Legacy Planning and Giving” Sharing. Ms. Ryanne Lai, co-founder of, shared information about making wills and legacy giving. The HKRC donors and volunteers who attended felt interested in it.
Thumbnail “Leave Love for Humanity” – Legacy Giving Program
Join our online seminar to know more about after death, will, and estate planning. 19 June 2021 (Sat) | ZOOM
Thumbnail “Humanitarian Kitchen | ZOOM online cooking class” (27 Feb 2021)
“Humanitarian Kitchen | ZOOM online cooking class” (27 Feb 2021)
Thumbnail 12.15 "Parent-child Humanity Experience Camp 2019"
The theme of “Parent-child Humanity Experience Camp 2019” this year is 《People in Parallel》 , which is about the climate change. A group of donors and friends are experienced the simulated threat of climate change in different parts of the world which is prepared by our staff and volunteers from Humanitarian Education Center.
Thumbnail "Humanitarian Caring Visit 2019" Elderly Visit (27th July)
Close to 50 "Friends of Red Cross” and corporate volunteers together with their families and friends participated in "Humanitarian Caring Visit "on 27th July (Saturday) to disseminate heatstroke prevention and home safety message and to deliver their care to the elderly living in Sham Sui Po district like So Uk Estate and Lei Cheng Uk Estate.
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